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Our parent company develops and manufactures protective films and films for special applications, and has always provided products that meet customer needs with its technological capabilities and flexible ideas based on many years of experience.
Our company was established as a spin-off to provide products specialized for medical and nursing care applications.

We aim to produce and provide products that consistently satisfy our customers and are environmentally friendly.
We build relationships of trust and provide high-quality products.



Bacteria, viruses, and odors are locked away in a sealed pack using specialized and highly airtight packing tape.

Percentage of people who smell no odors after diapers are sealed in the pack

※In-house research or results of surveys performed at hospitals and facilities

Prevention of Infection

Reduces the risk of secondary infections
that occur when changing diapers or storing waste.

Odor Countermeasures

Eliminates the source of odors
for a more clean and sanitary environment


Anyone can easily perform waste disposal in the appropriate manner!

While of course being able to enhance work efficiency,Carefort also standardizes waste disposal procedures at a high level.

Bacterial and Viral Infection Risks

Carefort instantly shuts in the bacteria and viruses that cause infections, such as the E. coli, MRSA, and the Norovirus that require particular caution, and ensures that bacteria and viruses are safely packed away and cannot escape.


Waste disposal, which had been an unpleasant chore up to this point, can now be performed in a neater and more comfortable manner thanks to the elimination of the source of odors.

Work Efficiency

While of course being able to enhance work efficiency, Carefort also standardizes waste disposal procedures at a high level.

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